ashleypechdesignerI’m Ashley Pech, Graphic Designer and lover of all things creative. First of all, I’d like to thank my older sister, Andrea, for my creativeness – not because she influenced my creativity, but because she would never allow me to play with her barbies when we were kids – so, I had to entertain myself, which usually meant painting, cutting, or just rearranging my room, which I believe ultimately led to loving layout and design. (Thanks, Andrea!)

I graduated from Concordia University, Nebraska in 2008 with a B.F.A in Graphic Design. Still to this day, I am so grateful for my education at Concordia, I owe so much of my design knowledge to their arts program, and the incredible professors that helped shape and mold my design perspective! And as a bonus, I was able to gain 2 years of “real world” experience before I even graduated by working in Concordia’s Marketing department.

Since the Concordia days, I have gathered design and marketing experience in a multitude of industries across the board including aviation, photography, pet products,  real estate, education, animal welfare, etc.  That’s the beauty of being a designer, the work is always changing, and has the ability to bring on new challenges.

So whether you need some awesome graphics for your company’s Facebook page, a new website, logo, social media management, streamlined processes, or anything else under the sun (really. . . I can’t list everything), send me a message and we’ll connect on how we can work together!

 A few more fun facts about me
- I’m a boy mom, through and through. Bennett and Charlie keep me on my toes!
- I love country music.
- I want to buy an RV and travel.
- Put me on a lake and I’m happy.
- I have a 5 lb yorkie-poo named Tulsa, and she’s the cutest thing in the world.
- I have been a certified Zumba instructor since 2010.
- I own an organizing side biz – White Space Organizing by Ashley Pech